We are a software development company that develops bespoke software.
We are passionate about seeing Black Country businesses thrive.
We use our technical expertise and experience with back office and customer facing software to help businesses work more efficiently and reduce costs.

We do business in person so we can get to know our clients and their teams. This allows us to deliver solutions that deliver value and integrate well into day-to-day operations.

We are always happy to help.

We are always happy to help, and our approach is quite simple:

  • we keep you informed throughout the process
  • we follow best practices to develop our software
  • we develop prototypes for you as early as possible so your feedback can guide the development of the final product
  • we provide support for as long as you and your customers or employees need it
We are always happy to help.

Our values

We are a human-centred software company that puts people, principle and purpose first

Seek clarity
Be clear on purpose in everything you do and honour and defend that purpose.
Choose virtue
It is the only of way to create value that matters.
Find joy in everything you do
Working from a place of joy is ultimately the best way to serve the client, the business and yourself.
Be curious
Learn new ways of thinking and be open to new experiences and childlike wonder.
Choose deep and meaningful experiences
Be courageous
Do it. Even when you think you can’t, do it anyway.