Our software delivery process is straightforward and transparent.

Our commitment to you
We are honest and realistic, and use plain English throughout the process, so that you understand everything including all the options that are available to you.
Communication is critical to the success of any software project.
To keep you informed throughout the process we offer:
  • A secure portal for the project where you can access
    • daily updates on the project
    • the latest documentation
    • the prototype
  • Weekly status meetings so everyone is kept up to date on the schedule and any new developments
Communication is critical to the success of any software project.
Step by step - how we deliver high quality software for our clients
your needs
and feedback

Go live!
and support

Understanding your needs
We begin by working together to gain an understanding of your business and what you plan to accomplish with the new software.

This is a very collaborative process where we’ll listen, ask questions and exchange - or even challenge - ideas to successfully turn your vision into a reality.

Putting together your business knowledge and our technical expertise we can formulate a strategy and feature set that will deliver the best outcome for your business.

The outcome of this process is a project proposal which includes the
  • feature set
  • terms of engagement
  • costs
  • and a timescale to complete your project
Interactive prototype
Before development of the final product begins, we will create a prototype for you to test. Feedback from this prototype helps steer the project in the right direction.

We will develop a working prototype which captures your desired workflows. The purpose of this prototype is to get early feedback on the core functionality. Based on this feedback we can refine the design of the application to meet your needs.

Testing the prototype means you can signoff the project for development with confidence
Interactive prototype
UX and user interface design
We design user interfaces that are intuitive to use, highly functional and visually stunning.

We follow a human-centred approach to design software that people will love. Software should be easy to use so we include built-in usability features, which allow you to get more done, quicker, and with ease.
We follow an iterative process based on agile software development principles. This means individual components can be tested as soon as they are complete rather than at the end of the whole project. This early feedback helps reduce project risk and costs.

You can use the project portal to track the development process and test the components that are ready for testing.
We primarily use Microsoft .NET, HTML5 and Angular to develop our web applications, and Flutter for our mobile apps.
Quality assurance and testing
Quality assurance is built into our entire software delivery process.

We follow a test-driven development (TDD) approach which means development does not begin until we have generated test cases.

Test cases, which are based on the prototype, are used to guide the development process and validate the resulting code.

When development is complete, the application will go through our quality assurance process to make sure it works as expected.

Before going live, users will be given an opportunity to test the system using a real-world scenario.

User acceptance testing helps make sure the system can support typical real-world scenarios in your business.
Go live!!
Once you’re happy with the application, it’s time to go live!
Go live!!
We design software that is easy to use but if needed, training can be provided onsite or at our office.

User guides will be provided for your reference so you can get the most out of your bespoke software.
After your application goes live, we offer support for as long as you need it. This allows us to offer ongoing support and ensure your application stays in-sync as your business grows and evolves. The benefits of our support packages include:
  • Priority bug-fixing
  • Change requests
  • Service level agreement
  • Help with new functionality
  • Access to helpdesk system, email and phone support

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